Powerful coral. Care for a living ocean.

Our campaign.

Together we can make it.


We are pursuing a simple goal with our Powerful Coral Campaign: We want to support projects that are taking care of the protection of corals with every purchase of our coralline products.

Everybody can join who sells a coralline product or any that are similar to that color. Everybody can support us by sharing our action with others.

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The campaign is based on trust and on each other’s respect. This campaign is only living through the dedication of each participating producer/manufacturer. Everyone acts on one’s own responsibility and does the utmost in order to achieve this goal.

Every producer/manufacturer/maker can decide which of the mentioned project he or she wants to support and donate as much as he or she thinks the project is worth.


Whoever wants to join and participate, just inbox us. We will answer promptly and organize everything else together!


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The campaign Powerful Coral will be supported from: