Powerful coral. Care for a living ocean.

Color is more than just Bling-Bling.

A campaign running for the protection of corals.

The color of the year Pantone Living Coral puts an urgent ecological problem back into focus: Our Corals are dying and therefore one of our most important ecological system is at risk. Thanks for the first impulse, we tackle this!

We, as producers are committing ourselves to the protection of corals with our Powerful Coral Campaign. With any purchase of each coralline product we donate a part from the proceeds of sale.

Since the coral die-off is a worldwide issue – luckily, there are also many different organizations that are campaigning for the protection of corals either directly or indirectly. They should benefit from this donations.

In order to encounter the issue of the coral die-off successfully, we want that as many conservation projects as possible profit from our Powerful Coral campaign.

That is why each producer can decide on their own what kind of project they would like to support. There is one thing that will remain in common: The protection of corals.

Powerful coral. Care for a living ocean.

These are the projects we are currently supporting:

Marine Conservation Philippines
Reef Check
Coral Doctors
Save Cambodian Marine Life
You know a project worth supporting?

The campaign Powerful Coral will be supported from: